Papeterie de Mandeure
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For over a century Papeterie de Mandeure respects the local natural resources, paying careful attention to the surrounding ecosystem.

Today, awareness of environmental problems has increased, and it has therefore become important to produce in compliance with strict limits, saving energy, water and other natural resources such as forests. 


    Papeterie de Mandeure works to produce or use raw materials with low environmental impact :

    • All the pulp purchased is manufactured using Elementary Chlorine Free (ECF) bleaching process.
    • We guarantee that the pulps processed in our paper production are sourced from carefully managed and controlled forests. 


    Energy production at Papeterie de Mandeure is based on natural gas. 

    To optimize its energy efficiency, Papeterie de Mandeure has invested in a new energy saver which allows to recover the heat of the drying section for warming the water.  



    As a classified installation, Papeterie de Mandeure is subject to strict controls, including its waste water.
    PdM has invested in a dual purification plant, the first one is chemical-physical and the second one is biological.  


    The sludge and organic matter recovered after treatment of effluents are recycled and recovered by another plant for composting.  

    Waste paper

    Papeterie de Mandeure recycles and recovers its mill broke by introducing its waste paper in the production process.  
    All products manufactured by Papeterie de Mandeure are 100% recyclable and 100% biodegradable.